Head Hunting

We partner with you to fill your vacancies.
Our permanent placement and contract staffing solutions include:
  • Trying to understand what you need. Whether it's a specific bachelor's or masters degree or specific experience, our goal is to find what you ask for. If we don't get it right with the first resumes we send you, we will try to get it right the second time.
  • Finding you people. It's great if we have someone in mind that is a good fit for your job opening. Sometimes are recruiters do have people in mind, but more often then not, we search for people that fit what you need.
  • Screening candidates for you. We are not going to send you candidates we haven't screened. Nor do we funnel candidates at you like job postings do. We will usually just send one or two resumes that represent candidates we think are a good fit. 
  • Being an honest business partner. We don't charge for permanent hires we refer that don't work out. 
  • Giving you extra support. Access to Correct Caliber is like having access to extra recruiters in your HR department that are trained to find what you need when you need it.